Private Wealth Management Summit September 2019

Day 1 – Monday September 9, 2019
9:45-11:45 Event Registration [Cottonwood Foyer]
11:45-12:45 Welcome Lunch [Las Colinas]
12:45-1:00 marcus evans Welcome Address [Las Colinas]
Stacy Harris-Beckles, Executive Producer, marcus evans 
Chairperson’s Opening Address
Todd Benjamin, Former Financial Editor, CNN
1:00-1:45 Keynote Presentation [Cottonwood Room]
An Investment Outlook: Insights for 2020 and beyond
Victor Canto, PhD, Chief Economist and Managing Director, Global Portfolio Strategies, Cadinha & Co

Presentation [Cottonwood Room]
Navigating the Global Marketplace in an Era of Heightened Volatility
Laura Mattia, PhD, MBA, CFP, Partner, Stonegate Wealth Management
Presentation [Carpenter]
Reconciling Generational Priorities in Legacy Planning 
Ernest Miller, Managing Director, Metis Growth Partners, LLC
2:30-3:15 Service Provider Briefing [Cottonwood Room]
2:30-3:15 Networking Coffee Break  [Cottonwood Foyer]
3:15-5:15 One-on-One Meetings [Lantana]

Presentation [Cottonwood Room]
Working with Investors – An Entrepreneur’s Perspective
Gaurav Banga, Chief Executive Officer, Balbix
Interactive Roundtable Discussion  [Cypress River]
Achieving Optimal Portfolio Construction through Effective Risk Management and Diversification
Clark Cheng, CFA, FRM, Chief Investment Officer, Merrimac Corp.

Interactive Roundtable Discussion [Cypress River]
Market Volatility – The Impact of Changing Market Forces on Investments
Cédric Jacque, Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner, Mensarius AG
Interactive Roundtable Discussion [Carpenter]
AI / Technology Investment Strategies in the Era of US-China Trade War
Darwin Ling, Founder and General Partner , Good AI Capital
6:45-7:15 Free Time
7:15-7:45 Pre Dinner Drinks  [Pavilion]
7:45 Welcome Dinner [Pavilion]


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